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 Cell maintenance

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PostSubject: Cell maintenance   Cell maintenance Icon_minitimeWed Jan 31, 2007 7:44 am


Before charging, discharge your pack at 30-35 amps to 0.9v per cell 5.40v for a 6 cell pack and 3.60v for a 4 cell pack. Equalize your cells on a tray to 0.9v before you charge. I do not recommend trays that discharge to 0.0v. If you are planning on running your pack more than once per day make sure that it has cooled to room temperature and discharge it on a tray to 0.9v before charging. Never discharge to 0.0v, doing so will result in a loss of substantial run time.


Your charger should be of high quality and have adjustable peak detection. Set the peak detection at .005(5mv) per cell, 6 cell .03 (30mv) and 4 cell .02(20mv). Charge your pack at 6 amp linear.


If youíre not planning to use your cells within the next week you should store your cells with 1.2v per cell. Check your packs every fortnight if not used to make sure you have 1.2v per cell. Not following this procedure will result in substantial loss of performance. What I do is discharge and equalize after a run and then put 8minís 30secís of charge back into them to be stored, and then when your ready to charge for the next meet I discharge and equalize the pack and re-charge. If your going to leave more than a month I repeat this again once a month discharging and equalizing and putting 8minís 30secís of charge back into the cells. This will keep them in top shape.

We all have different ways of doing things and I donít profess to know everything about cells I just know what works for me. Hope this helps somebody. Wink
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Cell maintenance
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